IOC photos

IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC Sept-Iles IOC, Labrador City IOC Labrador City IOC, Labrador City IOC, Labrador City IOC, Schefferville Photoshoots for IOC in Sept-Îles, Schefferville, Quebec and Labrador City, Newfoundland

Health and Safety video

Prevention at work : Construction CNESST Video used to raise awareness among employers and employees of the importance of prevention at work. Jean-Marc Parent, well known variety show artist, is our host and serves as a link between the different mise en scenes. Direct, dynamic and accessible, this awareness-campaign tool was greatly appreciated by promoters…

Event photos

F1 Montréal F1 Schumacher Mariloup Wolfe Gouache Complexe D Joe Bocan Ministre Charlebois Tatiana & Serge Lucie Lauzon Léger Donald & Ginette JF Lisée Manon Massé Nuit Blanche Photoshoot of events in Montreal : F1, Le PAS de la rue,  Lucie Charlebois, Lucie Lauzon, La Nuit des sans-abri with RAPSIM, J-F Lissé & Manon Massé.

Human Rights TV

Le Match de la vie : Les droits de l’homme (Human Rights) TVA Special one-hour show presenting opinions of leading experts in the field of Human Rights. This section is on human rights in Algeria. Broadcast in Canada and Europe : Vues d’Afrique, Match de la vie at TVA, TV5 and at various conferences.